Outdoor Projector Installation

Watch movies under the stars in your own backyard. Our lovely Houston weather is perfect for year round outdoor entertaining. Our expert projector installation will have you watching your favorite films in high definition on a big screen at home in no time.

Projector Installation

Outdoor projector installations require careful planning. Our experts have the complete technical know-how to ensure that you get maximum performance out of your outdoor home theater.

Our technicians will come for a free on-site consultation to ensure completely customized outdoor projector installation.

We use universal mounting brackets to make sure that the projector can be dismounted and mounted again. Our team will complete the cabling with video and data connected to a single source. We also install various types of projector screens for the best viewing experience.

Screen Installation

We offer fixed, manual and motorized projector screen installation. We will help you choose the screen that fits your needs and your budget. Our technicians make sure that your projector and screen are well-matched and perfectly placed.

Projector and Screen Installation

We install outdoor projectors and screens for the big viewing experience. Our team consists of licensed experts and we offer various installation packages for different needs. We take the necessary steps to weatherproof your system. We also have a large selection of seating options. With comfortable seats and a wide screen, you will have your own open air cinema right in your yard. The installation team removes all packaging and debris after completing the installation and gives you demonstration on how to use your new home theater.

Get ready to enjoy evening movies outside with family and friends in Houston. Our all-in-one backyard theater installation will provide many nights of fun and movies. Contact us for a free location survey to get started today. 281-550-9600