TV Installation

TV installation can be a complex process. Save yourself time and frustration by hiring licensed professionals to set up your television system. If you are looking for TV installation in Houston, you have come to the right place. We provide comprehensive installation services that include extensive site inspection, a detailed walk-through, and equipment testing. Our engineers can install and connect the TV to the existing theater system, set up A/V and gaming devices, provide complete waste disposal after installation and secure your devices with a year-long warranty on installation. We provide complete TV installations with assurance of quality and performance.

TV Mounts on Walls and Ceilings

Wall mounting a TV is a good option for several reasons. It looks great with modern décor and it is a safe choice for homes with small children. We use brackets and adjustable mounts to suspend the TV from your ceiling. Wall and ceiling TV mounts look great in large or small rooms.

Wall Mounts Used for TV installation in Houston

Flat mount: the simplest and most popular wall mount. It is fixed in one place and best suited for large flat screen TVs.

Adjustable tilt mount: also used as a flat mount, but allows for a wide tilt adjustment. You can adjust the mount up and down to adjust the viewing plane.

Swivel mount: Swivel arms allow viewers to adjust the TV from left to right or up and down to get the best viewing angle.

Ceiling Mounts: We set up both flat ceiling mount and adjustable hanging mounts. You can choose according to your needs.

Behind Furniture Mounts: If you don’t want your TV taking up space on your walls, a lift mount can be installed so that your TV is hidden behind a piece of furniture.

Ceiling Drop Down Mount: Have your TV drop down from the ceiling!

Drywall TV Installation

Wall and ceiling TV mounts require drywall expertise. No matter what type of wall you have in your home, we can safely mount a TV on it. Just relax while we locate studs and find the right type of screws, mounts and cables for you.

Brick or Stone Wall TV installation

If you have brick or stone walls, we take care of all the drilling, concealing of cables, and finding studs for you. Brick and stone make great surfaces for mounting televisions, because of their sturdiness and ability to support a heavy TV.

Our installation services blend with your décor and enhance the aesthetics of the room. Do not hesitate to contact us for comprehensive and reliable TV installation. Call today: 281-550-9600