Outdoor TV Installation

If you have an outdoor kitchen, patio entertainment space, or a poolside living area, then an outdoor TV is a must. With newer and better choices for outdoor TVs, you don’t have to miss the big game while you work at the grill, and you can watch your favorite flick as you soak up the sun.

Outdoor TV certainly is fun, but it requires special attention to considerations of light, ambient noise and weather. All the measurements and procedures should be accurate to have the perfect outdoor TV experience. If you stay in Houston and are looking for TV installation experts, we are here to help you. Outdoor televisions are different than the ones installed inside. Here are some elements that set them apart:

  1. Bezel: Made from high quality metal, it holds together and protects the outdoor screen. It is removable and can be cleaned easily.
  2. Anti-reflective glass: This dual-layer safety glass is treated with a special coating that makes it immune to glare and reflection.
  3. Precision O-Ring setup: It creates a tight seal that keeps the internal parts safe from moisture, rain, and snow.
  4. High brightness panel: The outdoor TV has more than twice the brightness of a typical HDTV. These brightness panels are great for sunny places.
  5. Air refinement filter: It is a durable composite filter that removes dust, insects, and smoke from the air before it enters the TV.
  6. Airflow system: This system keeps the TV cool even during hot summer days. There are quiet fans at the back of the TV that keep the air flowing.
  7. Tough housing: The unit is stored in lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction that withstands wear and tear due to weather changes.
  8. Weatherproof connections: It is very important to use weatherproof connections so that the TV keeps working well during all weather conditions.
  9. Speakers: Speakers are protected from external elements and offer high quality audio in most systems. Some systems come with built-in amplifiers.

With so many great features, it is a good idea to get an outdoor TV in Houston. Since these televisions are expensive, installing them on your own can be a big risk. Outdoor TVs need expert installation so that everything is perfect and at its place.

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